What Can Terraware Offer you?

      Do you find shopping frustrating? Can you never find clothing to fit you properly, or flatter your figure? Fear no more! At Terraware it is our mission to find an outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful!

What makes Terraware Different?

      Terraware does not mass produce. We only ever make a single size run of each style in a specific colour, making our store very unique and exclusive. We offer sizes xs-xxl and can also custom fit aslong as we have access to the specific fabrics you are looking for. We work with all different shapes and sizes from petite to plus size, and tall to short. The owner of Terraware, Kathryn Fairfield, designs each piece and has her fabrics sourced for her specifically from all over Europe. Our pieces are not made on a factory line, instead they are one seamstress per garment from start to finish. Our label is manufactured in Bulgaria by a very talented sister company. Our products are all constructed under a living wage, which is something we pride ourselves on. The Terraware label is ONLY available at our specific store locations, and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We work with a number of different fabrics; predominately natural fibers. However, we do carry some poly blends for cliental that has requested so, or if the fabrics are just too irresistible! 

What can we offer you?

      We carry everything and anything you can think of! We mainly specialize in casual/business wear, formal events (Mother of the) and Outer Wear. We also offer custom wedding gowns! You can sit down with the designer herself and discuss exactly what you would like! As far as fit, our staff is very knowledgable with style, and what garments are going to flatter you most! As mentioned before, if you have trouble shopping, it is our mission to help you choose an outfit that will leave you feeling confident regardless of what size you are. All of our staff are talented and artistic which makes our job lots of fun to dress you in something beautiful! Any of the girls are here to help as we do not run on commission. We also offer FREE tailoring as we understand how frustrating it can be to find something that fits exactly off the rack. All of the staff are well trained on how to properly fit a garment, however we have a very talented seamstress on staff who will make sure you receive the best fit possible! Aside from women's clothing we also carry a men's line as well! This department is somewhat small at the moment but we hope to be expanding it very soon. Aside from clothing we also carry a huge selection of accessories and cosmetics, so if your just shopping for yourself or are in need of a gift we've got you covered!

      So come and check out Terraware and leave the stress of shopping behind and let us dress you in something beautiful!