Our Alteration Agreement

      Since Terraware offers free tailoring on our designs it is important to understand the agreement we have with doing so. We will alter your articles of clothing at our expense as agreed. At a first fitting we will discuss what changes we will be making to the garment, and follow up with a second, and if needed, third fitting until they are altered as agreed upon. If your outfit was bought for a specific event, we make sure you have your garment within a reasonable time frame. We work towards your event date amongst all others waiting for their garments for their events. If you would like your items in advance this can be arranged. Once you take home your garment, we will no longer be making adjustments to it at our expense. For example: if you lose weight and want us to retailer the outfit we would be happy to however, there will be an additional fee. The items we tailor will be a final sale and non exchangeable as they have been tailored to your body. We call you when we are ready for you to have a fitting. Please do not come earlier than your phone call, because your garment will not be done. Due to the volume of alterations there may be a delay with your alteration date. We will be sure to notify you.  


      Our Return Policy

  At Terraware we do not do refunds. We will gladly exchange your piece within 30 days with a receipt. If you cannot find an item to exchange for at the time of the return, we will issue you a store credit that never expires.