As far as accessories we carry amazing products. We have jewelry, bags, mitts, hats, scarves and so much more!


       All of our jewelry is locally crafted by different artisans who have a unique style. Some focus more on semi precious stones, sterling sliver, and others glass beads. We typically carry a matching set of earrings and necklaces and there is a large selection to pick from. Our selection includes everyday looks to very formal and elegant pieces. We also have a variety of colours to choose from.


       Our scarves come from all over the world. We have a partner who travels to different places such as India and Thailand. He goes to the artisans directly to purchase their products which are usually made from a natural fibre source. We love this because not only do they produce beautiful and unique pieces but we help to support countries other than Canada. We have every type of scarf you could dream of, so come in and take a look for yourself. 


      We carry many different types of bags, some are made from recycled swiss army blankets, other boiled wool. This is an area we hope to be expanding in soon. 

  Hats And Mitts

      For hats and mitts we typically support two Canadian companies, as well as some local artisans. All hats are made from natural fibres such as wool or linen. We carry mitts and texting gloves that are wool. We also carry a line of fleece that is actually made from recycled pop bottles! 


      Our blankets are very special, they come from Bulgaria and are hand loomed. These blankets are made from 100% organic wool and have beautiful patterns and colours. 


      Our wallets come from the same partner who supplies our scarves. They are adorable and come in many different colours. 

Reading/ Sunglasses 

     We carry both reading and sunglasses. Our reading glasses go from +1.00-3.00. There are many different styles and colours to pick from. These glasses are made in Canada!