How to care for your Terraware Pieces

Linen: 1. Always wash your linen in cool or lukewarm water (Never hot), and use your washing machine's gentle cycle, mixing with like colours. 2. Always hang dry and press inside out while damp, for best long lasting results.

Lyocell: 1. Machine wash on gentle cycle. 2.You can toss your garment in the dryer for a few minutes with a damp towel but hang to dry is recommended. 3. If you must touch up the garment with an iron, use a warm iron only- too much heat may damage the fabric. 4. Steams very well 

Wool:  1. Always recommended to dry clean wool. 2. If needed hand wash only in cold water. 3. NEVER wring or hang to dry as wet wool stretches. 4. To dry the garment lay it flat on a clean towel and roll it up to extract water, then let dry to new towel, or rack.

Viscose: 1. Turn your garment inside out to help prevent fading or bleeding. 2. Use a delicate detergent using a gentle cycle in cold water. 3. Air dry is highly recommended, if you must tumble use the lowest setting. 4. When ironing turn the clothing inside our and set the iron to the lowest heat to protect the material. A cloth should be placed between the iron and the garment, protecting the fibers from getting too hot so the fabric does not turn 'shiny'. 

Modal: 1. Can be washed in any water temperature. 2. Do not use bleach as it can weaken the fibre. 3. Should be taken from a dryer while still slightly damp to reduce wrinkling.      4. When ironing avoid high temperature as it can scorch the fibre. 

Dupioni Silk: 1. Highly recommended to dry clean only

Cupro: 1. Wash on a delicate setting using a delicate detergent. 2. Do not bleach. 3. Medium heat when ironing. 4. Can be put in dryer on low, or can be dry cleaned.